Alacrity Arthouse

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Alacrity Arthouse is a division of Hi-Rez Studios focused on a wide range of art, marketing, tech art as well as pipeline development and production. We are a widely varied group of art, creative, and tech art disciplines, and we feature some of Hi-Rez’s lead veteran talents while putting a strong emphasis on developing great young talent.

We have supported Hi-Rez Studios as their Centralized Art Services featuring company-wide services such as outsourcing, insourcing, staffing/team building and development, cinematics, marketing art, pipeline consultation and design, software tools, audio support, and more.


With Alacrity Arthouse, we are looking to further build our expertise and capabilities to increase both the range and level of what we can with our fantastic Hi-Rez project studios, as well as extend our collaboration beyond Hi-Rez.

External & Onsite Support Services

External Development | 2D Art/Concept Animation | FX | Lighting | Modeling | Rigging

Specialty Services

Audio | Cinematics Tech Art & Tools


Please let us know how we can help your project and we look forward to future collaborations.